Nehari Créations  

Of her ancient work of bookbinder, Nouria Nehari reminds the meticulous work of assembly of the matters, the importance of the detail and the completion in any creation.

Free of all constraints of the manufacture leather goods , the mark gave rise to a new generation of flexible bags*, adapted to the variety of the life of a woman. Combining the most innovating posseries of Italy to a tendency design, Nehari Créations involves her touch of fantasy in the luxury manufacture leather goods and reinvents the luggage. Between tradition and modernity, her engraved, printed leather range or corrugates broad, from the companion to the key fob, reconcile the unconcilable and will allure your customers. A collection for men will born in 2010.

* silver medal of the Lépine contest 2008

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Address : 105, rue Sainte 13007 Marseille FRANCE